Below Zero 3CDs

by Schroedingers Cat



YRAAL Records presents: 3CDs+1DVD+1booklet
Below Zero recorded live in the Netherlands, december 8th,2012
a01 Intro
a02 Die Augen Der Sonne*
a03 Black Tears*
a04 Frozen Tears*
a05 Flying I*
a06 Atomic Sun
a07 Marching Death*
a08 Prince of Death
a09 Dreamflight 2*
a10 Black Swan

b01 For Andrew*
b02 Dreamflight
b03 Bridge
b04 Neptun's Agony
b05 Bridge
b06 Broken Dream
b07 Angel of Heart
b08 Flight 2

c01 Flight3
c02 Spaced Out 1*
c03 Welcome to my heart*
c04 Out of The Dark*
c05 Silvermoon
c06 The Reign the king lived in for a long long time
c07 The Foggy Dew
*) never played ever live before

Hey all.
this gig was a bit strange coz a shadow was hanging over it like a haze in the morning.two days before Huw Lloyd Langton has died and I wrote the same day the gig was a new song which was dedicated to him named *Frozen Tears*. was the only time in my whole life that I was singing a song with tears in my eyes. And also I have played a song with german lyrics. *Die Augen der Sonne* (the eyes of the sun) which I wrote a long time back instead the liner notes of the same named own book with short stories.
And I've played with a new sound system; used five similar amps for the synthie sounds and also a stereo P.A. for the drum machine and the vocals. was difficult to record it so I used four microphones which were placed somewhere in the room; on stage and also in front of the stage.and also lineouts of two mixing desks. Maybe I was a bit louder as usual...and maybe a bit stranger as usual. Had a bad cold and needed a Grog before I could start to sing. the sound of the songs on this album is untouched that means I was only adjusting the volume of the single channels before I merged them into a stereo signal. If I think to some of the gigs I had in 2012 in France I think this solution was much better as leading the signal out of the mixing desk into the recorder.
Another shadow on my soul was the passing of Andrew O'Hara, an old friend who has died November 20th also of Cancer; two days after his own farewell party where I had played also a long set. so this album is full of dedications; *Frozen Tears* for Huw Lloyd Langton, *For Andrew* for Andrew O'Hara, *Silvermoon* for Douglas Adams, *Atomic Sun* for Sonia Mota and Helia Oliveira, *Neptun's Agony* for the whales and their long dying, *Welcome to my heart* and *Out of the dark* for Raven, one of my Muses, *The Reign the King lived in for a long long time* is dedicated to Syd Barrett, the King of Spacerock and *The Foggy Dew* to Maire-God bless her!!
Also very unusual was thatI have also played two songs from an album which was before 2000. *Black Swan* was originally on *Armageddon rock* and *Broken Dreams* Originally from *Music to wake the death*, both were released in 1999.
Also I have played some songs of albums which aren't finished yet; still working on the *elements*
After the gig I felt tired and a bit nurned out, had some wine with the organiser and slept in a hotel.. drove back when I felt well enough to do that.
It was the 78th gig of Schroedinger's Cat that year and a week later there was the last one in Solothurn, Switzerland. think after all those gigs I have found my special sound which I call *Symphonic Kozmikrock* based on Synthieguitar with two synths and spherical noises from outer space. So Schroedinger's Cat is going on- it seems forever.Even I know nothing lasts forever, It took me 9 years to come back with full power. In February Schroedinger's Cat is excisting 24 years..And I feel like playing for another time like this. Have fun ;-) wherever and whatever ypou are, if human, ant or Alien or whoelse. Love and Peace for all of us!!!
Rhaunen, January 5th 2013, best wishes Iain Hawk Khan

Iain Hawk Khan is using following instruments: Brian Moore digital guitar, Ibanez & epiphone guitars, Roland GR 55, Roland GR 33, Roland GS 70, Santander Accoustic Roundback guitar, electric Geyer-Leyer, an indian BulbulTarang, an electric Sitar, a lot of delays of different brands.(Redson tape-delay, Behringer multi-efx, Ibanez time-machine Namu Delays & more), BOSS DR 670, and lot of more.the amps were lended from a friend-Many thanks to Tom Moretta!! Also thanks to Music marketing Worms, my family, Ralf-strange smile, Michael & Trish Neale, Jon and Donna, The hawklords, John & Jenny Graves, Dave R., Dave J, Sendelica, all my friends and supporters and fans, Mimy, Andrea W., Alex the one and only witch & tribe lol, Nik Turner, Alan Davey, Aurora, Cosmic Andy, Rob Tarana, Rich Eagle, Karl Ampofo & Kas, Proggirl Helia, Sonia, Colin Tench, Pasi Koivu, the tribe off Anubis, Al Jones, Jake, Radio Ray, Jerry Kranitz, Tine, Jaqui S., Andy & Jim of NSQ, Dragan, Bernd H., Dave & Lulu, Kozmik Ken, Sir Woodbine, Paradise 9, , Suz & Neil& Helen, Susi K., My son Iain Stanley-you were a wonderful person, Andi& Julia, Michaela T., Lynne Saunders, Lyn Paul, Parrot Camarthen, Arianna, Garry Moore, Mel, Janine W., Simon Edgley, Stephen Smith & family, Darren+alex+Lesley+Tom, Krankschaft, Jane Johnson, Steve Bemand, Curved Air, Lucy Diamond, Werner Neeff, Dorthe L., Lia shapiro, Rad Radio, Desy, Flutatious, Huw & Marion Lloyd Langton, Ed Unitsky, Olga Odessa, Isabel Aimee, Silva Nigra, Fam Baehr, Domi No, Simon Deards, Dave Lowe, Bibi bianca, lol, Simon Rigot, Dave and H. Dyment, Alison (sheffield), Arthur Brown, Sue A., Nigel Potter, Amanda Iotronica,Tracey French, Bandcamp Team, SoundcloudTeam, Silva Nigra, S.Diepmans, Roolie Patchouli, Here & Now, Sam Batt, Donna Fulham, Andrea Smith, Sonja Podworny.

This album is dedicated to:
Huw Lloyd Langton Judge Trev Thoms Robert Calvert Andrew O'Hara Iain Stanley O'hara Maire O'Hara Tom O'Hara Ervine Freeston Jeff Farnstone Tom Möbius Johannes Möbius Reinhard Stahl M.A.KHan-Sherwani Barbara Welpmann Tante Ilse Grandma and Grand Dad on both sides Bugi Radtke and to all who left our world before me... lost a lot of friends, most ones of Cancer. so half the earnings of the track-download of Frozen Tears is for a Cancer Charity for children and also 4 quid of each sold or downloaded album also.

also dedicated to:
Jake Netherclift
Jacques Hubert
Gerard Hubert
Allan Guest
Alan Gallagher
Ian *Lemmy* Kilminster
Will Greenwood
Kimi Harrison
David Bowie
and lots more...


released December 8, 2012



all rights reserved


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