Bywyd Ar Y Lleuad (Hexxagon Series)

by Schroedingers Cat

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Life on the moon
recorded in June at fullmoon at 777 Studios in Rhuna Germania Magna. all instruments and programmings by Iain Hawk Khan

00 Rêve d'un lever de soleil pourpre
01. Bywyd ar y Lleuad
02. Gone
03. Saol ar an Ghealach
04. Marching death
05. Vita in Luna
06. Wishing you were here
07. Too much Methamphetamine
08 Un Rêve de Céline

Coverartwork by Iain for EOTAR- recorded while being on a long long jourmey in the outskirts of our universe. while meeting the spirits of Timothy Leary and Albert Hofmann, I decided to plug in my instruments and to record this album....thanks to my family and to my friends, all fans and all supporters. greetings to my magic Kugelschreiber Brothers, cosmic Andy, andy Mcauley, jim McKie and Rob Tarana.also to Lyn S., Lilith Moonshayde,Antje I, Omri shah, Alex B &Rudel, Alex A., Manu, Morvenna, Pete, Baal, Céline O.,Emma Catnip, Garry SO Lee, Aiiradio, TBFM, Tracie F, Jon D,Ziggy .,Andi +Julia S.,Jake N.,Silvina C, Steven Barber, Mick T. Paul W., Ken the Kozmik-Spaceman, Michael & Trish,Dagmar, Proggirl Helia, Domi No,Iris H., and all others...
Very special thanks to Sue T., Neil S., Helen L, Frodo.
the songs *Rêve d'un lever de soleil pourpre* & *Un Rêve de Céline* are dedicated to my very spacial lovely and sweet friend Céline O.


released August 15, 2013



all rights reserved


EOTAR Cardigan, UK

Edge of time Arts and Records were a label formed i n 2003 and stopped in 2012 when the main label became Planet Yraal Records. the artworks of all artists of SCP, Planet Yraal and SCP still is under the license of Eotar which is the main label for arts. the videos are in future times under Prophet of Light Productions (POLPROD) ... more

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