In autumn 2010 I have started to record a new album which was later released aS *assassins from outer space*. before that I have already recorded one piece of music with guitar, guitarsynth and nelectric sitar. I have coopied it to me harddisk and forgot that it excisted. Whilst backupping stuff from me harddisks I have found this one again- and also other songs lots of them outtakes which never were released of the one or other reason.
I have recor4ded the mainsong also later so you find some versions on the albums *space symphony* and also on *stonehenge -gate to the stars* but they were different and definitely there was no real sitar on it.
the bonustrack is a track which was also recorded in 2010 but with guitar only. *Spacechild* is an outtake of the album *fireworlds*, which was up to now one of the most successful albums I have ever released and I still got not the clue why the people love it. parts of the album were played on a lot of different internet radiostations worldswide, this version was a bit distorted mastered it again and thought would be a good bonustrack.
Spaceshifting was just an experience with sitar and guitarsynth- a way to align them..
so I thank on thisalbum especially Radio Ray, Steve Bemand, Pete Bingham, Gerhard Kicker, Georgie, Sylvia Tysko, Kozmik Andy, Rob Tarana, Rich Eagle, Karl & Kaz, Katrina, Rich Om,Morvenna, Mary Pat & Rick Henry, Steven Barber, Adrian Iowa, Todzi, Peter Holzer, Patty & Flow, Blizzard, Nik Turner & Bands, Bevis Frond, Joerg, Ranka, Gypsy Lyn, Gabriel Sanbdu, Proggirl Helia,Lord Armstrong Sealand, Aurora, Paradise 9, Earthling Society,Jacqueline Honeybee, Dagmar, Bernie Spock Popp, Bodo & Sylvia, Monica, Gerard.and me family-

This album is also for all who stand there with me when I had a hard time coz health issues. In hard times you see who really is your friend and whom not. Thanks for being there love you.
Iain Hawk, April 10th, 2014


released April 10, 2014

Lineup: Lord Iain Hawk Khan: guitar, synths, vocals, sitar
This album is dedicated to Hannah Richards who lost her fight against leukemy in age of 14..she is now with the wind ad the sun, the rain and the sea and the heaven needed an angel, so she had to leave..
Also dedicated to Andrea Schweiger who died less than one year after her husband Richard.



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